This is all the gear I keep in the car. Other than a couple of short trips around town during the week, most of the driving is to and from trailheads.

  1. Tire Socks. Never used, but they count as approved traction devices here when cars are required to carry chains.
  2. Emergency Triangle
  3. Snow Shovel
  4. First Aid Kit. This also goes along on hikes.
  5. USB Cable, 5ft
  6. USB Car Charger
  7. Phone Mount
  8. Water, 1L
  9. Recreation Passes (Interagency Pass, Discover Pass, Sno-Park Permit)
  10. Map
  11. Disposable Sunglasses
  12. Paper
  13. Tire Gauge
  14. Energy Drink
  15. Hand Sanitizer
  16. Microfiber Towel
  17. Rain Poncho
  18. Safety Vest
  19. Blanket
  20. Wire Saw
  21. Air Compressor
  22. Jump Starter
  23. Fix-a-Flat
  24. Road Flares (not shown)
  25. ShadeSox (not shown). Used as a bug net when sleeping in the car with the rear windows open.
  26. Tow Strap (not shown)
  27. Utility Trays