Some pictures and notes from traveling two weeks in Scandinavia in October 2001.

Day 1

Bus from Arlanda airport to Uppsala (30 min). Train to Gävle (45 min), then another train to Mora (3.5 h).

Day 2

Bus from Mora to Östersund (5 h).

Day 3

Bus from Östersund to Gällivare; this was the longest bus trip (11 h).

Day 4

Train from Gällivare across the border to Narvik in Norway. Boat to Svolvær on the Lofoten islands.

Day 5

Bus from Svolvær to Å (5 h), a small village at the very end of the Lofoten islands.

Day 6

The Ferry from Å to Bodø doesn’t leave till in the evening, so there’s lots of time to go walking…

Day 7

Train from Bodø to Trondheim; this is the longest trip by train (10 h).

Day 8

“Hurtigruten” boat from Trondheim to Bergen (28 h).

Day 9

Bergen: The first and only place during this trip where I have to use my umbrella…

Day 10

Along the “Norway in a Nutshell” route: Train from Bergen to Voss (1 h), bus to Gudvangen (1 h) and finally a boat to Flåm (2 h).

Day 11

Train from Flåm to Myrdal (1 h), then to Oslo (5 h).

Day 12

A day in Oslo…

Day 13

Train from Oslo to Stockholm (6 h).

Day 14

Day 15

Visit to the historical museum in Stockholm, then I catch the bus to the airport (30 min).